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Metalworking with the best products of Qualichem, Hydroblend, Zet-Chemie and 3NINE. With the best cooling lubricants, cutting and grinding oils, anti-corrosion agents, metal cleaners and industrial lubricants, proportioners and the best oil mist collectors. At Glavitech you can get it all.

Hydroblend Proportioners are used extensively in the metalworking industry to mix water-soluble coolants, lubricants and low dilution high viscosity drawing and stamping compounds. Ensuring your metalworking concentrates are mixed properly, the Hydroblend will do its part to optimize your efficiency and profitability. At Hydroblend, quality and reliability are never compromised.

The Hydroblend is a water powered chemical metering pump and can therefore be located near an isolated water source without electrical connections. Installation is simple, straightforward and takes very little time.

Your metalworking concentrate will perform as intended only if it is diluted properly. A consistent and accurately diluted effluent will reduce waste, extend tool life, improve surface finish, and optimize sump life.

The Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for:

  • Cutting & Grinding Fluids
  • Forging, Stamping and Drawing Compounds
  • Soluble Oils
  • Die Casting & Metal Stamping
  • Parts Washers & Vibratory Finishing


  • Reduces chemical waste
  • Improves proportioning accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable operation
  • Non electrical
  • Adjustable
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (Accuracy + Durability = Outstanding Value)

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